Leonidas VR E-sports Team Becomes World Number One!

A major event happened during the weekend as Leonidas VR Team conquered top place in one of the most popular online VR games at the moment, Arizona Sunshine. After a grueling four hour session the team emerged as number one in the world beating multiple tough Asian opponents.

“We’re happy that we can show the world that Finland is the leading country in VR and VR gaming.” Comments Leonidas VR Team Captain Kari Peltola.

As the team was using HTC Vive HMDs and room-scale VR equipment, playing for four hours straight is a feat that already requires stamina. There has been a lot of discussion whether sitting for long periods at a time can cause negative health effects and room-scale VR E-Sports really has the potential to be a game changer.

There’s one downside, though – current HMDs really mess up your hair…  



Johanna Kalliomäki