Lean UX, osa 2 #podcast

Lean UX -keskustelu jatkuu Heidin, Kristan ja Harrin kesken. Millainen rooli asiakkaalla voi olla kehitystiimissä? Mitä hyötyjä tästä seuraa?

Kuuntele Ballmerin piikki – Lean UX, osa 2

Podcastissa mainitut resurssit:

Harri Lammi

I’m interested in the possibilities of the modern web. The speed of development and massive opportunities are breathtaking. I enjoy the results every day - great services, tons of free information, connections with other people. It’s fascinating to live in this era of digitalization. On the other hand I see a lot of potential there’s yet to be tapped. Enterprises should streamline their services by bringing together backend systems and great user experience. If there's a business idea that needs to fly or a pain waiting to be cured, let's work together!