Why Open Source?

At Leonidas, company-supported Open Source projects are one of our dreams. As a company we recently started our Open Source experiment sponsoring our developers to contribute and to release software as Open Source.

What does Open Source give us?

Many of us have been actively developing our own Open Source projects on our free time. We believe that sponsoring this work is also sponsoring our developers to learn new technologies, developing their skills and also supporting their innovativeness. We at Leonidas believe that doing Open Source we support common good and thus we have possibility to give our own contribution for developing the technologies we are working with. It is part of the social responsibility where we give back to the community while also providing more value for self. Additionally, Open Source allows us to show our company’s shared expertise and knowledge for public. Github is not only our own personal resume, it is also our consultants’ resume we proudly present.

How do we sponsor our developers’ Open Source projects? 

It’s not only serving free beer and a warm handshake for each coding hour that our developers spend with Open Source. We actually pay our employees for free-time Open Source contributions. The budget for the end of this year 2016 is 5 000 € and employees got free hands to decide how they wanted to use that. The conclusion is that everyone can use up to 13 hours per month for Open Source and company pays 15 € per hour for each.

What does this include?

The budget includes everything Open Source. It can be writing technical personal blog posts, developing own Open Source projects and contributing to problem solving at Stack Overflow. Everything is allowed, as long as it is Open Source. 

We’ve created a dedicated Open Source site to highlight our developers’ Open Source projects. You are more than welcome to discover what we have made during these months and we want you to know that this is just the beginning and there is much more to come, so stay tuned!

Johanna Kalliomäki