TampereJS by Leonidas

On the international Star Wars Day (May 4, 2017) we were honoured to host TampereJS event which is regular JavaScript meetup in Tampere for hackers, developers, sysadmins, students and anyone else interested in JS. These popular meetups are usually sold out in few days in every month!

Speakers of this event were our own developer Santtu Pajukanta, who gave a presentation about Type-safe React + Redux with TypeScript and Antti Pitkänen with presentation about Wikipedia game and async/await.

Did you miss the event?
Don’t worry, you can find both of the presentations from below!


More information about TampereJS https://meetabit.com/communities/tamperejs

Santtu’s presentation Type-safe React + Redux development in TypeScript

Antti’s presentation Wikipedia-game using async and await

Johanna Kalliomäki