We are not in the Matrix, the cable is too short

It’s common in VR development that you wrestle with software issues, mostly updates. Device drivers, SDKs, Steam, Unity, Windows – just to name a few. At Leonidas, we are developing WorkspaceVR, a multiuser collaboration environment. We want to have a broad device support, so we test our software with different headsets. You would think it requires only coding to support another headset, but guess what, Nemo: we are not in the Matrix, the cable is too short.

Since the USB port is on the other side than HDMI, the HP Mixed Reality Headset can not be connected. The cable is too short. The trick is to keep breathing.

We tried an extension cord, but it didn’t work. USB 3.0 works on some extension cords and hubs, but you need to try out a few. Finally we used an external display with USB ports and success! I can see my buddies now.

The Matrix

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Harri Lammi