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Extreme results with XR technology

XR offers powerful and effective means for creating experiences and communicating with customers and partners. XR refers to extended reality, i.e. the entire spectrum of realities, including:

Take a step towards a safer site

The Tarkka application, designed by us for the infrastructure and construction fields, is a safe virtual environment for occupational safety training.

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reality is extended reality, XR.

which transports you to a different world, place and time.


In a virtual reality, everything, including the environment, is part of an artificial and three-dimensional virtual world created with computer simulation. The environment may be fully imaginary, or it may seek to simulate the real world. In a virtual environment, the user of VR glasses has a realistic feeling of being present in the artificial world, despite the glasses not being see-through.

which adds digital elements to the reality around you.


Augmented reality refers to artificial elements, such as text or images, that are added to the real world with the help of glasses or a smart phone, for example. AR glasses are see-through just like normal glasses, but in addition to the real environment, they also allow the viewer to see elements of augmented reality.

which merges beneficial and experiential digital functionalities with reality.


Mixed reality refers to the space between reality and virtual reality where physical and virtual objects co-exist and interact. For example, an MR application can allow you to view the table in front of you through a tablet and virtually measure its width.

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XR Lab

XR Lab

At the XR Lab, experts at Leonidas break technological constructions and visions for the future down into easily comprehensible pieces. The XR Lab offers critical testing, characterful expert guests, explosive opinions and interesting highlights from the thrilling XR cocktail of virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

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XR Solutions

Our range of products includes complete XR solutions, each of which can be tailored to suit the customer. Find out more about our products, which:

What kind of reality do you need?

XR Success Stories

What kind of reality do you want to create?

Do you want to imitate what other people do or charge ahead at the vanguard of VR development, leaving others in your virtual dust? Tell us what type of expertise in XR you have and prove your skills for a chance to join the number one team of XR professionals in Finland.

We require our employees to have a visible interest in XR, a basic command of Unity as well as UX skills in the VR, AR and MR worlds. Our door is open to a skilled, flexible and personable individual who has the potential and motivation to continue improving their skills.

XR Professionals
Johanna Kalliomäki


XR Professionals Johanna Kalliomäki

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