Leonidas Afterwork: Kontena

The second public Leonidas Afterwork (Jan 12, 2017) gathered a lot of people interested in Kontena, a container and microservices platform founded by a Finnish start-up company. The main speaker was Jussi Nummelin, engineer at Kontena, who also presented a demo getting Kontena set up and running. Our own experts Santtu Pajukanta and Matias Huhdanmäki gave a presentation on how containerized workloads are orchestrated and run at Leonidas.

More information about Kontena: https://www.kontena.io

Leonidas’ presentation:

Jussi’s presentation:

Running Dockerized services across several cloud providers from Kontena, Inc.


Harri Lammi

I’m interested in the possibilities of the modern web. The speed of development and massive opportunities are breathtaking. I enjoy the results every day - great services, tons of free information, connections with other people. It’s fascinating to live in this era of digitalization. On the other hand I see a lot of potential there’s yet to be tapped. Enterprises should streamline their services by bringing together backend systems and great user experience. If there's a business idea that needs to fly or a pain waiting to be cured, let's work together!